Month: April 2020

  • w18 2020

    w18 2020

    After doing the influence-map two weeks ago and remembering that sequential art and storytelling are important to me, I figured I try it myself. I haven’t done any storyboarding since November 2017, unsurprisingly I felt stiff going into this. But I enjoyed the process. So however successful or unsuccessful this one-page comic is, I had…

  • w17 2020

    w17 2020

  • w16 2020

    w16 2020

  • Influence-map


    Partly because I thought it might be interesting, partly for self-therapeutic reasons I created an “influence-map”. These artists did and continue to influence my own artistic development. While doing this overview I realized that none of the cool artists had any lasting impact on me. I have some collections from that time, but I…

  • w15 2020

    w15 2020

  • w14 2020

    w14 2020