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  • 20240312


    This is a simple drawing & abstraction exercise I call “Get a bigger pen”. It originated from a logo-design course while I was studying Communications Design when the professor took away my micro pencil and handed me a chunky piece of crayon instead. Try to draw the same thing with increasingly bigger brush sizes. And…

  • 20240227


    I’m thinking about buying myself a print of some Ivan Bilibin art, so his art was on my mind at the time when I started sketching.As usual lately, I’m exploring the scope between figurative and abstract art.

  • 20240226


    This is fun

  • Cardgame idea

    Cardgame idea

    I’m experimenting on another song but had this idea for a game that I quickly needed to put down. I guess it’s a mix of Canasta, Rummy & Uno. You’re a student in the final year at the tower of evil wizards incarnate. You have to craft spells together and against your fellow students and…

  • Silly project: brainstorming

    Silly project: brainstorming

    This morning, while waiting for job feedback, I streamed ~2 hours of just throwing thoughts on a canvas and creating a mind map for a silly project. Since the video isn’t that interesting, here’s just the current status of the mindmap. There’s no guarantee I’ll make this into an actual project; I simply enjoy the…

  • 20231025


  • 20231023


  • 20231020_01


    It feels like today will be a “meh” kind of day. Dark, grey, moist, windy… miserable, dispiriting. I think I’ll bake some cookies to lift the mood and then probably draw a bit again later.

  • 20231019 2 & 3

  • 20230130


    This image started with me not knowing what to draw. Like many artists, I have folders upon folders of inspiration saved on my hard drives. Some are artist-specific, some are themed, and some are just random images I found and liked but was too lazy to sort. This image started by looking through one of…