Just the artwork

Posts only showing the final artwork with no documentation of the process or commentary about context or intent of the image.

w30 2021

I am excited, hopeful, fearful, anxious, energetic, motivated to start freelancing again on August 1st. I will take some time to adjust, it has been… Read More »w30 2021

w25 2021

Hey everyone, after enjoying some great opportunities with KARAKTER, I decided to start freelancing again beginning 01. August 2021. I am currently working on a… Read More »w25 2021

w10 2021

I missed my typical Wednesday post window since I was neck-deep in learning something new. But today while listening to a Harry Mack freestyle I… Read More »w10 2021

w09 2021

The first rays of sunshine came out and I’m immediately a much happier person. Looking forward to summer again.