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    The wife has been playing elden ring again and every now and then I catch a glimpse when I walk past her.

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    More Coverdesign render-practice

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    Another practice-piece. Doesn’t look like much, but it took me quite a while to get to grips with it. I knew I need to practice rendering different materials in this new technique, so a lot of time was spent on drawing the dough. I tried a lot of custom-brushes and other shortcuts I could think…

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    This image is based on the first book “Mageling” out of the “Millenial Mage”-series by J.L.Mullins. The first 7 books of the series are available on Kindle unlimited, all further chapters until now are still up on Royal Road. Audiobooks are available on audible as well. My initial idea doodle already had everything in it…

  • 20240617 – Portfolio – Book cover

    20240617 – Portfolio – Book cover

    Since I started my career as a freelance illustrator, I’ve found that my ability to adapt to various art styles and to adjust to preexisting artwork was a significant advantage. It has allowed me to contribute to a variety of projects across multiple markets without being tied down to a single niche. However, after more…

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