20240426 – A journey of black and red

I recently binge-read all eight available books of a series called “A Journey of Black and Red”. The story starts around 1803 in America. A young woman is turned into a Vampire and thrown into the deep end of political struggles, intrigue, power games and martial combat. The story was originaly published on Royal Road and you can still read it for free there.

If you decide to give the story a go, don’t go in there expecting a classic novel. It isn’t. I would compare it to the experience of watching the first seasons of Supernatural, or Buffy, or Stargate SG-1. The story has a larger plot, and it is concluded, but it’s structure, pace, execution is different from regular novels.

It’s a fantastic mix of heavy and light material, of sinister plots and lighthearted fun. It has great action, great banter, charming moments and characters. Out of the ~50 books I’ve read so far this year, this series is on the top of the pile.

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