Month: July 2020

  • w31 2020

    w31 2020

    The idea for this came to me when walking our dog yesterday evening. A little bit silly and nonsensical, exactly what I enjoy drawing right now.

  • w30 2020

    w30 2020

    This weeks’ illustration came together thanks to an animal prompt provided by my wife, listening to Buena Vista Social Club per recommendation by fellow artist João and the beautiful summer weather here in Berlin.

  • w29 2020

    w29 2020

    The first week of marriage sure changed us a lot. I became the always nagging wife* and she became the raging husband **. * when watching Northernlion play Monster Train on Youtube ** when playing Valorant

  • w28 2020

    w28 2020

    We had a big personal event earlier this week and this is how I looked during most of it.

  • w27 2020

    w27 2020

    Week 27 of this year. This means half the year is already gone by. Time to chill a bit.