Month: January 2021

  • w04 2021

    w04 2021

    We’re looking to buy a reading lounge chair and we’re open to suggestions! We’ve been looking around for a while now but so far haven’t made a decision. Aesthetically I really like the Mariposa butterfly chair by Cuero but I’m not sure how comfortable the chair really is especially when you consider spending a whole…

  • Calendar: April 2021

    Calendar: April 2021

    I miss bouldering at Ostbloc. Pre-pandemic my wife and I were bouldering 2-3x per week. Even though it was just an hour in the morning before I had to go to work it was an important time for us to balance out the time spent sitting in a chair in front of the pc. It’s…

  • Matsch Banana

    Matsch Banana

    Warum? Weils Freitag ist. Darum.

  • w03 2021

    w03 2021

    I had a dream of a pixar like movie. The story revolved around a polish laced rooster who wanted to become a messenger pigeon after seeing them fly over his home as a young boy. He then found himself fighting against the established pigeon-exclusive system and effectively founded modern post and packet delivery services.

  • Calendar: March 2021

    Calendar: March 2021

    I enjoy watching handball far more than watching soccer. It’s such a fast-paced game and very dynamic. And if you’ve ever played you respect how physically demanding the game is.

  • w02 2021

    w02 2021

    Sometimes you just want to have fun!

  • Calendar: February 2021

    Calendar: February 2021

    I’m not promising anything but I might be doing a full calendar.

  • w01 2021

    w01 2021

    First Wednesday post of 2021. Hope you all survived New Year eve without too much trouble.

  • Calendar: January 2021

    Calendar: January 2021

    I felt like doing a calendar on the weekend, or at least start doing one, so here’s January.