w25 2021

Hey everyone, after enjoying some great opportunities with KARAKTER, I decided to start freelancing again beginning 01. August 2021.

I am currently working on a website, but content is limited to only a handful of projects that I want to show (despite them being years old).

I’m looking for projects that allow me to continue fulfilling some of these following roles: Director, Coach, Moderator, Sounding board for ideas, Teacher, Communicator, Confidant, Promoter, Catalyst, Stylized artist (character and background art), Maker, Problem solver, (Dad-)Joker, Talent facilitator.

I’d like to be involved in opportunities that allow me to take the idea of a thing and exaggerate it to the point that you can’t look at it without shaking your head while also smiling. I would like to turn things on their head, to find visual solutions that lead with an emotional response rather than their groundedness in reality. I would like to explore the creation of “world reality” based on artists’ perception rather than the common understanding of believability.

Additionally, you might find this list of games that caught my eye from this year’s E3 trailer parade informative: Aragami 2, Dodgeball Academia, Trifox, Kena, Omno, Ratchet & Clank, Sable, Unexplored 2

If you read until this point, thank you. I appreciate it. If you think you know someone who would benefit from my involvement, ask that person if you are allowed to share their contact info with me and I’ll reach out to them once I’m free to do so.

For recruiters:I am not interested in opportunities as an Art outsourcing manager to check incoming deliveries! And no UX, no UI. Also, I am not a hard surface 3D artist.

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