w30 2021

I am excited, hopeful, fearful, anxious, energetic, motivated to start freelancing again on August 1st. I will take some time to adjust, it has been almost 4 years of working solely with/for KARAKTER after all. I will take one step after another to see where this change leads me. I put up a website (link above or bagatzky.de ), though there is nothing new on there since I can’t show any of the work I was involved in with KARAKTER yet. I started exercising my draftsmanship again which I put up here in the past few days already. While I have projects ideas to explore, I will start small with individual images first. One step after another.  

Drink & Draw daily challenge 02

There’s not much I can say in regards to these other than that I’m continuing my daily practice. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes the head gets in the way. Even though these compositions utilize value groups, I often draw a rudimentary sketch to bring down my idea first. Even after all this time, I’m primarily a draftsman rather than a painter.

Drink & Draw practice

On thursday I joined the Drink & Draw livedrawing twitch stream. Unfortunately I was quite late and only managed to catch the very last pose of the drawing session.

I then learned that they also run a discord on which I discovered a daily challenge. I decided to join in since I need the practice. Here are my first two days of composition practice.