w43 2021

Me: I don’t like painted rendering. So much time spent polishing stuff. I will stick to lineart and simple coloring, so much faster.
Also me:

For whatever reason, I wanted to go completely overboard (for my standards) with detailing. I wanted to push patterns/textures to an extent that made no sense. It was good for me to follow this urge because now I know with almost certainty that this is not for me.

There are individual parts that I like and which will lead me to further exploration, like the simplified outlined trees in the background or the heavy detailed lineart texturing in the foreground, but the combination of it all into illustrations like this is not where I want to go.

A joke – haha – 001

While I was working with a team I learned about myself how much I enjoy telling terrible jokes and making others suffer through it. I made it a habit to look for a couple of bad jokes every weekend which I would then force myself my team to listen to throughout the week. Most often I was the only one laughing, but I got a couple of laughs out of them at least as well.
Since I don’t have a team anymore, I’m looking for new ways to indulge myself. And since I like comics, and I like experimenting, I might try combining these things as long as its fun.