Two less complex experiments using noise/texture to break up the digital feel.

This one I consider a fail. The idea was to have a man kneel in front of a woman, head resting on her legs. I was attempting to convey solemnity, solitude, loss, and hopelessness. I wanted the darkness to creep in, the outside light to promise nothing good, for the inside light of safety (candles) to reach nothing. I hoped that going for a straight-on shot with a ~28mm lens would increase the distance from us to the characters.

As I mentioned, I consider this one a failure. It doesn’t convey the feeling I wanted to convey. The use of noise/texture doesn’t add to the intended emotion. I have this image in my head of b/w prints made from etchings or B/W Riso prints. I did not manage to reference these enough.

This one is a bit more successful. Feels a bit looser and less contained in execution and exploration than the above one. From the start, I did not try to be “correct” with this one; I was a lot less concerned about correct perspective & lens use, instead executing more and better on the intent. The final looks more like done using spray paint or an airbrush with a splotchy nozzle. Which is better in my opinion, it’s a bit more varied and organic.

Maxx LL – Sundered
Steven Price – Our Planet
Pinar Toprak – The Wind Gods
Carved into the Sun – Carved into the Sun

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