Month: February 2023

  • 20230225 – Zilpzalp

    20230225 – Zilpzalp

    I really only chose to do a painting of this bird because I thought its name was funny. Also, it fits into the sequence. After doing the Starling illustration, I figured I might as well try to cover the seasons of a new year. The Great Tit for January and the Starling kicks off the…

  • 20230224


    I felt like doing some type- and graphic design exploration. Some of these I drew, and some were done using existing typefaces.

  • 20230223 – Star

    20230223 – Star

    The “Star | Common Starling” is one of those birds I have a love/hate relationship with as a visual person. I can never decide whether I like it or not. There’s no harmony between areas of rest and areas of detail. Its base color is black, yet it’s slightly iridescent. It’s somewhat “too much” for…

  • 20230221 – Kohlmeise

    20230221 – Kohlmeise

  • 20230219 – Feldlerche

    20230219 – Feldlerche

    Needed to do some comfort-doodling today, so I decided to do a bird. Haven’t done one in ~2-3 years, I think. I was also inspired by all the bird photography that’s populating my Mastodon feed. I randomly picked a bird from one of my books and landed on the Feldlerche / common sky lark.

  • 20230217


    I did some more experiments, and because I don’t plan on doing with those files I decided to bundle them up and use this occasion to finally set up a gumroad-store. You can be the first one to purchase this set of vibrantly stylish abstract images and use it as your phone wallpaper or something…

  • 20230216


    Experiments using Photoshops Blur & Threshold filters.

  • Hunan and the temple beast

    Todays writing practice is once again a very short pulpy story. Reading time ~9min. Hunan Jag’s footsteps sounded out loudly around him. Despite his best efforts, his impressive physique just was not suitable for quiet movement. It couldn’t be helped; it was just one of the costs one had to pay when one wanted to…

  • 20230214


    Monday is always the slowest day of the week currently. Got a doctor’s appointment which takes a 2-3h chunk out of the day. On Mondays, I thus focus I focus on chill learning and (attempts at) writing.

  • 20230213


    Last week I spent a couple of hours learning about Affinity Designer, trying and playing with it. I actively watched ~1h of an Udemy course on Design Thinking. I actively engaged with other people’s art for a couple of hours, I did one larger illustration, which included a little bit of experimentation, I experimented with…