Month: February 2024

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    One of the games in my current rotation is Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor(Link to Steam-page). An action rogue-lite autoshooter that is mindless fun for when you want something to occupy yourself.

  • 20240229


    Tomorrow, March 1st, is World Compliment Day. One of those holidays I can wholeheartedly embrace because there’s no commercial incentive behind this one – just making everyone’s day a little bit better emotionally.

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    I scheduled today to look into less wasteful/better blog-themes for this blog. WordPress Twenty Sixteen is after all already a few years old and I assume things have developed since then. So here are some warmup sketches I did a while back.

  • 20240227


    I’m thinking about buying myself a print of some Ivan Bilibin art, so his art was on my mind at the time when I started sketching.As usual lately, I’m exploring the scope between figurative and abstract art.

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    This is fun

  • 20240223


    I finished listening to the “The Murder of Crows”-Trilogy this morning and needed to at least quickly create something based on that story. It is a dystopian superhero coming-of-age tragedy that even though telling you upfront how it will end, kept me engaged throughout. It was rarely pleasant and I can’t say it left me…

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    20240222 – 3

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