Another practice-piece. Doesn’t look like much, but it took me quite a while to get to grips with it. I knew I need to practice rendering different materials in this new technique, so a lot of time was spent on drawing the dough. I tried a lot of custom-brushes and other shortcuts I could think of but none of them worked the way I hoped they would. So I drew it all manually. Of course barely any of that is visible in the end with the way I applied the gradient map.

In general I need to revise the workflow. I render the image with digital pencils in black and white first, and then apply gradient maps in the end. I spend a lot of time on texture/details that I crunch away in the gradient map anyways, so for one of the next practice pieces I’ll likely have the gradient map on top right from the beginning.

As a backstory for this practice piece I imagined a Guy Ritchie-like staged story of a family learning after her death, that their kind loving grandma in actuality was a crazy conspiracist prepper.

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