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  • 20240213


    This morning, I’ve been listening to “Instrumental House for the Soul with SANA” on the My Analog Journal YouTube channel. It motivated me to do a poster design. The first sketches included dancing people and a lot more stuff, but I felt like reducing the elements more and more until I was left with this…

  • Marvin Visions – Typeface

    Last night I browsed the internet and stumbled upon this Sci-Fi magazine called Visions: I scrolled through the website, I can’t say I read the texts because I was immediately distracted/captivated by the Logo- and editorial typeface. Thankfully, there’s a link at the bottom of the page to an article that gives background info…

  • Font “Olezhka”

    Beautiful slavic font for very little money. 16€ on Gumroad!

  • Hamburglar goes to Hell

    A very short, fun, fantastic webcomic well worth checking out:

  • Kasey Chambers – Lose yourself

    The Eminem Cover I never expected but damn, it’s good.

  • Youtube – Hidari

    I was lying awake sick for most of last night but one positive thing coming out of that is this amazing animation I was recommended by the youtube-algorithm. This hyped me so much to pick up one of my project ideas again and pursue it further. That was the look and feel I was hoping…

  • GDC Presentation: Occupational Burnout in Games

    Great presentation overall. It starts with a definition of Occupational Burnout and then three people present their experiences. GDC Vault: Occupational Burnout in Games (Youtube-Link)

  • Ezra Collective – Tiny Desk Concert

    I first came across the band via the youtube music playlist “Jazz for Hip Hop Heads” or something similar. Since then, it’s been one of my go-to bands for smiles and a good mood. Youtube Link to Ezra Collective’s Tiny Desk Concert Ezra Collectives Bandcamp page

  • Hi Ren – Ren

    This song hits hard. (youtube-link)

  • Music: Cari Cari

    A couple of years ago, the song “Summer Sun” by Austrian Duo “Cari Cari” (Youtube-link) popped up in my Spotify playlist, and it became my go-to good morning song for quite a while.I don’t use Spotify anymore, so I have to look actively for new music. This explains why it took me until now to…