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  • 20240410


  • 20240308


    I started listening to book 4 of Chrysalis and did some warmup doodles based on one of the main character’s pets.

  • 20240129


  • morning warmup

    morning warmup

  • 20230213


    Last week I spent a couple of hours learning about Affinity Designer, trying and playing with it. I actively watched ~1h of an Udemy course on Design Thinking. I actively engaged with other people’s art for a couple of hours, I did one larger illustration, which included a little bit of experimentation, I experimented with…

  • 20230116


    You can’t go wrong with drawing Zombies.You can’t go wrong with drawing Pirates.You can’t go wrong with drawing Snails. Right?If you think about it, Snails are actually well-fitting animals for both Zombies and Pirates. Slow, Omnivores, plundering your mum’s garden… .

  • 20230113


    After I wrote the fight scene, I decided to do character drawings based on it. I’m also pretty set on using that sketchbook background for my drawings at the moment, but I’m still experimenting with the look of the drawings. For these, I used Kyle’s Tech Micron 0.5-Brush, but I don’t think that’s the one…

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  • w39 2021

    w39 2021

    Recently a very nice lady approached me via social media and asked whether or not she could commission me for artwork. She had come across my Instagram and followed the link to my Spreadshirt-shop, but didn’t find a motif that she felt was appropriate for her 3year old grandson. We got into talking about her…

  • w35 2021 – Gisune the Tiefling

    w35 2021 – Gisune the Tiefling

    On Monday I challenged myself with another random drawing exercise.I created a list of various attributes, gave each item a number, then went online to rolladie.net to randomly select two items out of the list, and ended up with the following two attributes: Brawl Stars | TieflingBrawl Stars refers to the hit mobile game “Brawl…