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  • 20240229-2


    One of the games in my current rotation is Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor(Link to Steam-page). An action rogue-lite autoshooter that is mindless fun for when you want something to occupy yourself.

  • The Grannies – Docu

    Here’s a ~17-minute-long documentary of a group of players exploring Read Dead Redemption 2 – outside the intended levels/areas. RDR2 is a visually beautiful game and it’s interesting to see how that beauty transcends into the faulty/buggy-landscapes. Some really beautiful shots in there, as well as some funny ones.

  • Cardgame idea

    Cardgame idea

    I’m experimenting on another song but had this idea for a game that I quickly needed to put down. I guess it’s a mix of Canasta, Rummy & Uno. You’re a student in the final year at the tower of evil wizards incarnate. You have to craft spells together and against your fellow students and…

  • PC Game: Storyteller

    I saw this game for the first time on Friday and loved it immediately.You’re given a story prompt and have to tell that story using a prepared set of characters, props, and scenes. It’s a puzzle game using comic panels and storytelling.I should say that it’s very short, maybe 2h of playtime. I think a…