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  • Sing along: aaaaaaahhhh

    Sing along: aaaaaaahhhh

    It’s October, and of course, that means “Halloween”-themed illustrations to some extend. Halloween was another one of those terms that came up in the Spreadshirt-List of Q4 relevant search terms that I mentioned last week. So I came up with this illustration.

  • Skihase


    Apparently one of the most-searched-for terms at Spreadshirt in Oktober 2020 was “Skihase | Skibunny”. I’m pretty certain this is referring to young women, but I’m not going to serve that crowd so I made a different kind of Skihase.

  • w39 2021

    w39 2021

    Recently a very nice lady approached me via social media and asked whether or not she could commission me for artwork. She had come across my Instagram and followed the link to my Spreadshirt-shop, but didn’t find a motif that she felt was appropriate for her 3year old grandson. We got into talking about her…

  • w38 2021

    w38 2021

    Music is so incredibly important in my life. I have music that I turn to when I feel a certain way, or if I want to feel a certain way. And I always love when I get a recommendation for new music that leaves me happier. Recently a friend of mine recommended “Ryo Fukui” to…

  • w37 2021 – Spreadshirt Shop

    w37 2021 – Spreadshirt Shop

    Following last weeks post, a friend of mine surprised/shocked me by setting up a spreadshirt-shop for me and then forcing/encouraging me into uploading artworks.I’ll make a habit out of uploading my weekly illustrations to the shop, at least if it makes a somewhat decent design for that purpose. Go to https://smilesandgiggles.myspreadshop.net/ if you want to…