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  • GoGo Penguin – From the North

    I had the pleasure to see them live twice so far, hopefully I’ll get to have that experience again soon. Fantastic band, and music to get lost in. This is a recording of their latest EP. I listened through the EP 3 times in a row just now, and just had to capture something.

  • 20240422


    I’ve been listening to a lot of “The Allergies” again.

  • Castle Rat – Fresh Fur

    Castle Rat is a Medieval Fantasy Doom Metal band led by the Rat Queen on a mission to expand and defend ‘The Realm’ from those who seek to destroy it. She is joined by The Count, The Plague Doctor, and The Druid. Together they face the relentless wrath of their arch nemesis: Death Herself — ‘The…

  • 20240213


    This morning, I’ve been listening to “Instrumental House for the Soul with SANA” on the My Analog Journal YouTube channel. It motivated me to do a poster design. The first sketches included dancing people and a lot more stuff, but I felt like reducing the elements more and more until I was left with this…

  • Ardor – Verwilderung

    Ardor – Verwilderung

  • Ardor – Zwergholz

    Ardor – Zwergholz

  • Ardor – Splinters

    Ardor – Splinters

  • Kasey Chambers – Lose yourself

    The Eminem Cover I never expected but damn, it’s good.

  • Ardor – Up the stairs I go

    Ardor – Up the stairs I go

    Several days after finishing this song, I realized my progress. I was happy with the result of this track, and I stayed happy. So, I decided to celebrate and treat myself to something extravagant. I decided to get a professional to work on the song. Via recommendation, I found Rick Mazz of rickmazzstudios and contacted…

  • Ardor – First of Me

    A friend of mine introduced the free DAW “Reaper” to me early/mid-august. Since then, I’ve been making music of all kinds. Here’s one track that was heavily inspired by Spanish Guitar music, and the game soundtrack “the Last of Us”.