Last week I spent a couple of hours learning about Affinity Designer, trying and playing with it. I actively watched ~1h of an Udemy course on Design Thinking. I actively engaged with other people’s art for a couple of hours, I did one larger illustration, which included a little bit of experimentation, I experimented with drawing typography, and I did a couple of dozen illustration and character sketches, of which I cleaned up the following ten. …

And still, when I got up this morning, I thought, “I didn’t do anything last week. I have to push harder this week. I’m not doing anything worthwhile. I’m not learning.”


Yesterday was my monthly doctor’s appointment, and it zapped the energy right out of me. Also, I opened Affinity Designer again. I drew some small vignette sketches, and when I cleaned one in Photoshop, it did not come out as clean or simple as I wanted them to be, so I’ll try to do them in Designer.

Anyways. Here are a couple of random figure sketches.


After I wrote the fight scene, I decided to do character drawings based on it.

I’m also pretty set on using that sketchbook background for my drawings at the moment, but I’m still experimenting with the look of the drawings. For these, I used Kyle’s Tech Micron 0.5-Brush, but I don’t think that’s the one I’ll stick with.

This also concludes the second week of “back to drawing.” I’m still figuring out how much I can work and at what kind of schedule day to day.