w35 2021 – Gisune the Tiefling

On Monday I challenged myself with another random drawing exercise.
I created a list of various attributes, gave each item a number, then went online to rolladie.net to randomly select two items out of the list, and ended up with the following two attributes: Brawl Stars | Tiefling
Brawl Stars refers to the hit mobile game “Brawl Stars” from Supercell, Tiefling refers to a race from Dungeons & Dragons.

I decided to draw a Tiefling character that stylistically, complexity-wise might fit into the game Brawl Stars.
I went to donjon.bin.sh to create a set of random Tiefling character descriptions, picked one from which I took the name and some other features, and then got drawing.

On Monday evening I saw someone post title card sketches on Instagram, which then led me to do this drawing on Tuesday.

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