Comic: Ken Niimura – Umami

I first saw Ken Niimura’s artwork via the comic “I Kill Giants“. It’s a nice comic both for the story and the art, and there’s a movie adaptation as well.

A few days ago I randomly thought of Ken Niimura’s art, and I got curious about what he had been up to. An hour or so later, seeing a lot of great art, I was dozens of pages deep into reading his comic “Umami“. “I Kill Giants” was good, but his art in “Umami” is fantastic.

“Umami” is a fast-paced, cartoony, energetic, over-the-top, fun, wholehearted adventure tale that was published as a webcomic in 2019. If you like cooking, if you like adventure tales, if you have a soft spot for charmingly obnoxious underdogs with too much sugary energy – then give this comic a try. The artwork is glorious, the story is fun. Cook, make friends, save the kingdom.

You can buy all 8 issues as a bundled pdf via panel syndicate, they did not set a price so you can name your own. Whatever is in your budget, buy the comic.

I Kill Giants – german edition published by Splitter Verlag
I Kill Giants – English edition published by Image Comics

Umami – pdf, cbr, cbz, digital edition via panel syndicate

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