Stuff I like: Comic – Betty Boob

Betty Boob is a comic told with almost no words. The drawings are expressive, sometimes a lot of fun, sometimes conveying heart-crushing sadness – beautifully written by V√©ro Cazot, and illustrated by Julie Rocheleau. Betty Boob is the protagonist of the comic; she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her hair and her left breast. The comic shows the impact of those events on her life.
In German, the comic came out in 2018 and was published by Splitter.
The English version was published by Boom-Studios.
The French original was published by Casterman in 2017.

Stuff I like: Comic – Ultralazer

I just got two volumes of the French comic book Ultralazer, published by Editions Delcourt.
The book is created by three people, two of those are the two artists doing the artwork. Maxence Henry drew the characters, while Yvan Duqe drew all the backgrounds. You can see a few pages from the first book and some prelim sketches on this Behance site.
I can’t say anything about the story; I don’t speak french. But the art is gorgeous.

A joke – haha – 001

While I was working with a team I learned about myself how much I enjoy telling terrible jokes and making others suffer through it. I made it a habit to look for a couple of bad jokes every weekend which I would then force myself my team to listen to throughout the week. Most often I was the only one laughing, but I got a couple of laughs out of them at least as well.
Since I don’t have a team anymore, I’m looking for new ways to indulge myself. And since I like comics, and I like experimenting, I might try combining these things as long as its fun.