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  • Typefaces & Type Foundries

    This is a list of type foundries, lettering artists, or specific typefaces that I like. It will grow in the future, but because I just can’t hold back my excitement about their work I start it now. The correct number of typefaces you need is whatever number it is that you already have +1. VJ…

  • Marvin Visions – Typeface

    Last night I browsed the internet and stumbled upon this Sci-Fi magazine called Visions: https://www.readvisions.com/ I scrolled through the website, I can’t say I read the texts because I was immediately distracted/captivated by the Logo- and editorial typeface. Thankfully, there’s a link at the bottom of the page to an article that gives background info…

  • Font “Olezhka”

    Beautiful slavic font for very little money. 16€ on Gumroad!