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  • 20240429


    A friend of mine customized some fables for her kids and collected them in a small book. These vignette illustrations were used at the start of each fable.

  • Dino Trocknungen – construction

    Dino Trocknungen – construction

    Lets’s close the first month of freelance with a set of illustrations I did for Dino Trocknungen GmbH and in collaboration with Kassel based design agency Lockruf. Dino Trocknungen was going to brand a set of construction waste containers and wanted to utilize their mascot for this purpose. They were acquiring a new truck as…

  • Beer brewer mascot

    Beer brewer mascot

    I had the opportunity to design a mascot for a private beer brewer and illustrate one small vignette that can be used on a label, sticker, card, etc..Initially, the goal was to cartoonify the client into the mascot, and I briefly explored some options based on some of the cartoons/comics the client grew up with.…

  • Arestia – It’s about loss

    Arestia – It’s about loss

    Shortly after announcing my return to freelance, I got an e-mail from a musician who had seen and liked some of my various explorations from the past years. The musician was looking for someone to create an album cover for him. The music wasn’t going to be published, instead, it is only for his own…