• Castle Rat – Fresh Fur

    Castle Rat is a Medieval Fantasy Doom Metal band led by the Rat Queen on a mission to expand and defend ‘The Realm’ from those who seek to destroy it. She is joined by The Count, The Plague Doctor, and The Druid. Together they face the relentless wrath of their arch nemesis: Death Herself — ‘The Rat Reaperess

    Castle Rat – Bandcamp

    I wasn’t sure which video to share, because they’re all interesting. I decided to go with the Bikini-Armor Guitarist video because there’s nothing wrong with that. As someone in the comments said: Music to sharpen your sword to.

  • I like doing these black & white illustrations, I prefer doing those over doing advertising storyboards/layouts/packaging concepts. I’m wondering if there’s a way to keep doing such illustrations and earn money. So far I’ve only come up with creating creature illustrations and other vignettes that I could bundle and offer via Gumroad for ttrpg-enthusiasts. I did this one to test how such a creature-illu could look like if I do it.

  • I had a different sketch prepared for today but couldn’t make it work when inking. Thankfully listening to music cleared my mind. You can listen to the “Crying Freeman” Soundtrack on the composer’s website, so I listened to that a few times and took inspiration from my memory of that movie. Unfortunately, afaik you can’t buy the mp3-version of the album, which sucks.

  • On to the first adventure

    I watched “Hawk – the Slayer” for the first time on the weekend. Peak 80ies Sword & Sorcery movie that had me laughing hard. I frequently had to pause because it was distracting me so much from doing my taxes. Full movie is on youtube, if you want to watch it.

    It loosely inspired this illustration. Watching “Hawk” reminded me of playing a first epic RPG campaign.