• I started listening to book 4 of Chrysalis and did some warmup doodles based on one of the main character’s pets.

  • If you want to read a story about someone being reborn as an ant, I can highly recommend this series. Book 4 recently came out on audible.

  • Another doodle that got a bit out of hand

  • Oh no, I’ve been reborn as a washing machine.

  • Bought my wife a flower bouquet today and thus felt inspired to do an illustration with flowers.

  • Typefaces & Type Foundries

    This is a list of type foundries, lettering artists, or specific typefaces that I like. It will grow in the future, but because I just can’t hold back my excitement about their work I start it now.

    The correct number of typefaces you need is whatever number it is that you already have +1.

    VJ Type

    The first typeface I saw and purchased from this foundry was “Jäger”. I’ve been eyeing several others from their catalog. “Cako”, “Eros”, “Love”, “Dahlia”, “Dida”, “Kobe”, “Traviata” in that order will hopefully at some point find their way into my collection.


    Mark van Leeuwen

    While “Oakley” is the typeface I purchased, it was “Cortese” that drew my attention in the first place. I want to use it on a pulpy fantasy artwork so badly. As soon as my budget allows I hope to add “Cortese” to my collection.



    I became aware of Underware during my time studying Communications Design, at that time their typeface “Dolly” garnered a lot of attention. My personal favorites are “Fakir” and “Liza”, and their Custom Typework. It was Sami Kortemäki of Underware who in 2012 created my personal Name-Logo that I again put to use on this blog.



    Astype’s “Sveva” screams Fantasy Title Font at me whenever I see it, but I’ve also used other fonts like “Alarm” and “Simeon” from their catalog. I think their Sans “Megato” would also pair nicely with some of my art ideas, so I’ll likely add that one to my collection at some point in the future.



    Velvetyne is a free/libre/open source type foundry. I first saw and downloaded the font “Basteur” from their catalog, but I’ve added a few more to my collection. Some of them are too experimental/artistic for my taste and uses.


    Oh No type

    “Irregardless” stole my heart on first glance and I desperately try to use it for something. I often add it to my photoshop files just because I want to use it, even though it doesn’t make any sense. I’ll likely add more from their catalog to my collection in the future, like “Hobeaux”, “Obviously” and “Viktor Script”


    Stiggy & Sands

    I added several typefaces from Stiggy & Sands to my collection. Pretty much everything comic/cartoon adjacent. “Engelbert”, “Luckiest”, “Mc Laren”, “Mouse Memoires”, “Original Surfer”, “Peralta”, Ribeye”, “Risque”, “Rum Raisin”, Spicy Rice”, “Toastie” are all fonts for which over time I purchased licenses just because I like their style.


    Ellen Luff – Larken

    There’s something about “Larken” that spoke to me. The curvature of the sharp serifs gives it an expressiveness that I quite like. And specifically the “k” appeals to me.



    Futurefonts is a store rather than a type foundry. There you can buy licences or support for work in progress fonts. Some finished fonts are available there as well. I own licences for “Crow Script” and “Kaligari”, and I got my eyes on “Narwa”.


  • Comic: Ken Niimura – Umami

    I first saw Ken Niimura’s artwork via the comic “I Kill Giants“. It’s a nice comic both for the story and the art, and there’s a movie adaptation as well.

    A few days ago I randomly thought of Ken Niimura’s art, and I got curious about what he had been up to. An hour or so later, seeing a lot of great art, I was dozens of pages deep into reading his comic “Umami“. “I Kill Giants” was good, but his art in “Umami” is fantastic.

    “Umami” is a fast-paced, cartoony, energetic, over-the-top, fun, wholehearted adventure tale that was published as a webcomic in 2019. If you like cooking, if you like adventure tales, if you have a soft spot for charmingly obnoxious underdogs with too much sugary energy – then give this comic a try. The artwork is glorious, the story is fun. Cook, make friends, save the kingdom.

    You can buy all 8 issues as a bundled pdf via panel syndicate, they did not set a price so you can name your own. Whatever is in your budget, buy the comic.

    I Kill Giants – german edition published by Splitter Verlag
    I Kill Giants – English edition published by Image Comics

    Umami – pdf, cbr, cbz, digital edition via panel syndicate