• I’m searching for a way to combine my interest in shape-based composition with the appearance of analog media.

  • I don’t know what exactly sparked it, but yesterday I did 8 idea skribbles based on this theme. Some work better graphicly, like this one, some would require me to paint them more elaborately. Don’t know how many I’ll pursue in the end, but I felt like executing this idea today.

  • I know the topic feels omnipresent, especially among artists, but for the most part, I actually manage to avoid the controversies and just stay neutrally up-to-date (Thanks to two-minute-papers on youtube).

    Not so this morning. This morning I came across a opinion-piece/news-article lauding the development in AI; postulating how liberating AI will be, how current art-ai’s enable more creativity … blablabla bla. While I’m genuinely interested in the potential of automation, neural networks, “AI” etc., it’s disheartening how much of the current public facing development focuses on creative activities – like art, music, creative writing etc. .
    I want AI to do my laundry, sort my socks, bring out the trash, dust off high shelves, clean windows, clean our floors/rooms (which have a lot of objects that require moving around for proper vacuming and a dog who is not helping the way he thinks he is)… . I want AI to do the menial work and earn me money, so I can afford living a more leisurely and creative life.

    I took that spark of frustration from this morning and channeled it into an illustration.

  • Sometimes, all you need is cake.