• I finished listening to the audiobook “Edge of the Woods” by Andrew Rowe this morning. It’s a slow-burn fantasy story that reminded me a little bit of Kingkiller Chronicles – very likely because the main character, Edge, is retelling his past very much like Kvothe is telling his biography to a chronicler.

    There are a couple of fairy characters in the story, and this drawing is inspired by one of them.

  • This is a simple drawing & abstraction exercise I call “Get a bigger pen”. It originated from a logo-design course while I was studying Communications Design when the professor took away my micro pencil and handed me a chunky piece of crayon instead.

    Try to draw the same thing with increasingly bigger brush sizes. And you’re not allowed to use the eraser tool to shape. Years ago I was doing that with pen & paper, nowadays I only do it digitally.

  • The Surprising Map of Plants

    How did plants evolve, where did they start, and where did they branch out – this video gives a great explanation and overview.

  • Game – Summer House

    A beautiful, cozy, warm, casual idle game. Build a beautiful house in a nice environment. Made in Berlin.
    It just launched, you can get it for 4€.