w01 2021

First Wednesday post of 2021. Hope you all survived New Year eve without too much trouble.

Calendar: January 2021

I felt like doing a calendar on the weekend, or at least start doing one, so here’s January.

w53 2020

2020 comes to an end. I managed to post every week for the full year like I had set out to do. Even though I… Read More »w53 2020

w52 2020

We might not be able to go visit our extended families this year but that can’t stop us from being happy & partying in our… Read More »w52 2020

w51 2020

It’s the first day of my end-of-the-year vacation. There will be two more posts this year of course but I wanted to say some quick… Read More »w51 2020

w50 2020

One of my favorite things to do as a child when we were baking Christmas cookies was to dip things into sugar sprinkles. Didn’t matter… Read More »w50 2020

w49 2020

With temperatures dropping it feels appropriate to do a winter themed illustration. No snow on the horizon yet in Berlin though, unfortunately. I prefer snow-white… Read More »w49 2020

w48 2020

One of the best dishes to eat not only but especially when the weather turns colder again.

w47 2020

This one goes out to all my fellow artists dealing with imposter syndrom, depression, anxiety issues or even just struggeling with the idea of self-promotion.… Read More »w47 2020

w46 2020

I was so preoccupied with work that I completely forgot to make my routine 12:00 image post. Better late than never I guess.